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Re: EpDis: By Any Means Necessary

Rewatched it again just now, and like everyone else here, I enjoy it. The idea that the future isn't free of real world problems--unethical, lowballing contractors, labor exploitation and unrest--is one of the things the show usually did very well, and that sets it apart from the vast majority of the other big franchise, Star Trek. And the interaction between Londo and G'kar is simply superb, as it always was; it's a pleasure to watch the two play off of each other. I also liked the way it was another step in the fleshing out of G'kar, which ultimately ends in his revelation and salvation: we get to see him as a deeply spiritual person. One of the most powerful features of the B5 story arc is the way that G'kar and Londo more or less switch places as the series goes on--Londo into the darkness and G'kar into the light. Very nice stuff.

The one drawback for me is Zento, not the character but the actor. He was waaay too over the top, a real cardboard villain. At the very end, when he sees how Sinclair has tricked him, I half expected him to snarl "curses! Foiled again!" and try to twirl his nonexistent mustache. If he's Earth's best labor negotiator, they are seriously screwed. Of course, that might have been the point, and the episode hints at it--if there are darker, authoritarian forces at work back on earth, they might engineer sending in the impossible to deal with asshole, since it's guaranteed to provoke exactly the kind of reaction you're hoping for.
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