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Re: EpDis: Believers

Just got to this one in my most recent rewatch, and I'm at least considering skipping it. I hate doing that, though; it always makes me feel slightly dirty.

It is a temptation in this case, though. I think that outside of season 5, this is my least favorite episode in the whole series. It's hard for me to say exactly why; I think it's mostly that I don't like any of the characters in the episode with the exception of Sinclair and Garibaldi. The parents are smug religious fanatics, so I dislike them; Franklin is arrogant and self righteous in his own way, so I dislike him here (I love the character overall); the kid is an annoying kid; and I dislike Dr. Hernandez because the character seems inconsistent to me. At first, she's attacking the parents because of their beliefs; then a little later, she's attacking Franklin for lying to them; then a little later, she's attacking him again for having too blind a faith in science (which seems inconsistent with #1, which relies on faith in science). If four sevenths of the cast got sucked out a hole in the station, I'd be ok with that.

It's also that the particular religious objection seems hard to credit, to me, anyway. I know that some real world religious objections to medicine are scarcely less absurd, but the idea that having a hole punched in you lets your soul get out seems unusually goofy. What happens when you step on a tack and pull it out of your foot? Do you have a soul blowout? It seems silly to me, and could probably have been conceptualized some way that was easier to accept.

As an obsessive completionist, I'll probably rewatch it, anyway. But it really is a case of faith having to manage.
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