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Re: EpDis: Eyes

I like this one. An "angry internal affairs dude has it in for Sinclair because he's jealous about having been passed over for the command" plot could be pretty "meh" by itself, but I love how this episode references everything that has come before, and includes a bunch of things that will be important later on (like, background stuff about Mars and things that are going on back on Earth, Ivanova's attitude towards the Psi Corps, etc. ). I also like the Harriman Grey character a lot, and I enjoy Ben Zayn's creepy obsessive behavior.

My list of little things:
  • Glad to see Lou Welch. I feel bad for him about having his meal interrupted.
  • I enjoy Lennier's interest in Garibaldi's motorcycle-building project
  • Garibaldi and Harriman Grey have a conversation through a closed door. Is there some kind of intercom system or is there really no privacy at all in those quarters?
  • Garibaldi's security office is very colorful
  • 1.4 hours for a file transfer seems like a loooong time.
  • What's the "interweb" ?
  • Ivanova tells Grey that if he gets into her mind, she will rip off his head and use it for a chamberpot. I like the fact that Ivanova, born in 2230, has this word handy in her vocabulary like that.
  • I think I've said this in another thread, but those coffee cups (pictured below) are the worst shape! I'm assuming that they are real cups that the people in charge of props bought somewhere, so presumably real people out in the world have used them. Seems mighty inconvenient to me

I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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