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Re: EpDis: Grail

I like "Grail" alright. It's not the most stellar B5 episode there ever was, but it does have that charming B5 feel to it. At least, I thought so.

I do agree with others who said that something is a little off about the performance of actor who plays Jinxo. I don't really like to say stuff like that in a public forum because we're discussing real people, but .. it IS true. I don't think he's a horrible actor or anything. Just .. a little off. Especially the part where Gajic suggests to him that he should consider himself lucky. The reaction doesn't feel all that believable to me. But then, you have some very recognizable actors in this as well, and they're great.

The one thing where I disagree with apparently everyone here is that I didn't think the "Londo and Vir are scared of the Feeder" scenes were all that funny. I thought it was a bit silly, especially the bit where Garibaldi scares them with false information at the end. Ehh.

Re: the "two castes of Minbari" thing. I think I joined in this discussion on a different thread but I can't quite remember now ... In either case, this very episode has at least two scenes that have what appears to be a Worker Caste Minbari in the background (see below). I know there are other instances of Worker Caste Minbari appearing on screen before we learn that the Minbari actually have three castes. Definitely interesting.

Little things:
  • Jackets! It's like the woolly hats all over again. Is it cold in Down Below? Is it cold in all common areas? I am suddenly very curious about temperatures in various areas of Babylon 5. Jinxo's ill-fitting jacket is rather unflattering, but I suppose that fits the character. Deuce and his cronies on the other hand have cool leather jackets! We see all characters here wearing jackets or robes inside as well.
  • The justice system is super fast. I like that that's consistently true throughout the series.
  • I kinda feel like the main characters abandon their meals rather frequently, certainly for people who have to pay for stuff.
  • I was going to comment on the "300 cycles" thing but I read the Lurker's Guide page for this episode in preparation for this post and I see it was explained as "something we were going to try but then abandoned". Well, that explains that, then.

Worker Caste Minbari in background:

I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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