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Re: EpDis: Survivors

This is an OK episode .. Far from the highlight of the season, but certainly not terrible. I don't hate the Kemmer character, like quite a few people seem to do (not on this thread so much, but I seem to remember seeing her named as a least favorite bit character elsewhere). Both the character and the performance are fine, imho. The main things I like about the episode are the Garibaldi background stuff and the politics involving President Santiago, alien trade and immigration policies, Homeguard, and all that. My least favorite thing about this episode is the incredibly cheesy dialog that pops up here and there "Seventeen years ago we both died inside .. something something ... forget how much it hurts to be human sometimes" Ew.

Like KoshFan upthread, I too have wondered what happened to Major Kemmer during/after the events that take place at the end of Season 1. Does the character ever appear again in any books or anything like that?

Some random comments from this viewing:
  • This is one of those episodes with the green screen (was it blue screen back then?) scenes that make the blue Earth Force uniforms look green. Bright, bright green.
  • Those tattoos on that alien whose name I can't remember are great!
  • I love Lou Welch! I'm not being facetious, I think that's a great character. I'm glad he reappears in later episodes, but I would have loved to have seen even more of him.
  • Those chains that those drazi rappel down from are pretty amusing
  • Why is everyone inside Happy Daze turning to look at Garibaldi before he's even in the door?
  • Also, why are all the customers in Happy Daze wearing hats? I know hats are in style in the Babylon 5 universe mid-23rd century (and I love that!), but these aren't style hats, they're warmth hats.
  • Dude, Ivanova, abort the drop! There is really no reason for her to wait until the last second and waste time on "where are you?" and other questions. Your security chief tells you to abort the drop, you abort the drop.
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