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Re: EpDis: Sleeping In Light

This is my post from FB of the finale which I just watched tonight. I also included a blurb on the similarities I saw between it and the BSG finale.

Wow...just beautiful I literally cried the entire episode which I haven't done that since the Battlestar Galactica finale. Watching the sun come up, having to discuss with the love of your life that you are going to die- heartbreaking. Seeing how all the characters turned out, looks like ole' Vir made it to Six! Ivanova nice to see her again (i know this was filmed during Sn 4) and ready to kick ass when that Ranger showed up. Garibaldi and Franklin still friends, even Garibaldi wanted to say goodbye. Dinner where they mentioned all those who passed on, sad to see even Lennier didn't make it. Mentions of Marcus, liked how Ivanova wanted to say his name. She is now Entil'zha interesting, she wouldn't take any crap that's for sure. Delenn/Sheridan that goodbye, her dressing up because it's Sunday. Sheridan going on his Sunday drive.... frown emoticon Loved that he returned to B5 and like Zack said he was still there, especially when they turned out the lights. I don't agree that they should have blown it up, but wow seeing it go as all the ships flew away. Looks like everyone did OK in the end, saw Zack working for Vir which was nice. Delenn waiting for sunup everyday... frown emoticon
Some suggested I compare it to the Battlestar Galactica finale. I did see two similarities: both ships were destroyed. BSG being flown into the sun, It guess that B5 got the better send off. Although the Galactica had the major battle before hand and then found Earth. Other similiarity: Delenn/Sheridan and Adama/Roslin. Adama on the hilltop by Roslin grave, was similar to Delenn sitting up waiting for sunrise. Although while Roslin's death scene was beautiful while being a tearjerker. She died before saying anything to Adama would have been nice to have seen a similar exchange to what Delenn/Sheridan did. (Heartbreaking to see him talk, as she is passing away and then have him look over at her) But both were beautiful TV Couples. Overall I feel this was more of a tearjerker then the BSG finale. Although I do cry at the end of the BSG one.
One hell of a ride and i'm glad I took it.

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