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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Centauri Prime

Just watched this one for the first time.

Great episode i'm like holy crap they are bout to light Centauri Prime up like a Christmas Tree! I agree that despite the regent being a bit goofy and grating his end, I did feel bad for him. And poor Londo realizing that he is really just screwed in the end with no way out but to do what he needs to or lose his people/homeworld. And Lennier, saying I love you to Delenn. I felt that her saying she didn't hear was wrong. She knew I think she knew for a while, she could acknowledge that she knows, no need to deny it happened. Who would ask?

Emporer Mollari II, wow! Interesting to see where it goes i'm guessing it ties into World Without End, with imprisoned Sheridan?

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