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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
I CAN come up with an explanation, but it's more convoluted than a simple "soul hunters can see the future due to their magic abilities". How would they be able to do this? Well. I think for one they are all strong telepaths. They can probably pick up on fear and murderous intent, and they must be exceptionally good at judging which situations are going to result in attempted murder, and which injuries can't be patched up. I seem to remember that in Atonement, we see the Soul Hunters show up before the Minbari and Human ships have made contact, which makes my theory a bit harder to defend ... Maybe they are time travelers
The way the first Soul Hunter acted, it could seem plausible that they have a sense of time that is kind of dispersed. They aren't as much "in the moment" in this reality as they are spread out over a sequence of moments, able to see somewhat into the future, but kind of losing a sense of attachment to the present as a cost.

I suspect JMS intended something more on the lines of telepathic ability, as you say. It's always interesting to speculate.

The other Soul Hunters we eventually meet seem more grounded than our first, rather intense, one. And I loved the chant, too. Actually, his voice was very interesting.
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