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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

> try to ignore those faults so that I can keep enjoying the series.

I'm usually commenting on these threads the day after I've watched the episode. I'm sure I forget dozens of the random minutiae that my brain picks out while I'm watching but most of it doesn't really stick in my head for more than a moment. I don't let most of these thoughts interfere with my enjoyment of the show at the time, but they come back to me the next day as I'm thinking back on it.

> it's only natural that we start to pick out details that don't quite work for us on the umpteenth viewing

That's my take on these threads. Few people are truly 'complaining', but it's what every topic breaks down to when analyzed enough.

> really liked Sinclair

I'm definitely not ready to admit to that yet, but he's growing on me. When B5 was new, I'd started watching with Sheridan so I think he was "the one" through all my rewatches. It's been a while since my last rewatch so I think I'm approaching it all with a more open mind and fewer expectations.
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