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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

I've said in the other threads that I focus mainly on the negative stuff because it's easier to talk about than what I like. If something works for me I just kind of accept it, but if something stands out as odd then I comment on it.

I come across as mostly negative, but I really wouldn't keep watching if I weren't enjoying it. I'm just not very good at... What do you call those strings of words that aren't mean? Oh yeah, "compliments". Horrible at those.

For example, O'Hare's memory... The way I heard it, they went down the line *twice*. Most people would be impressed enough at that, but my brain forced me to go up to the Lurker's Guide and confirm. So I'm suitably impressed at the feat, but instead I come across negative. It's my curse. =]

I'm willing to accept that I misread the laughter. I think the part of Londo's performance that puts me off is that there's no slurring. He's yelling coherently until he just plops down his head, which is not my experience with pass-out drunks. But maybe the Centauri brain speech centers are unaffected by alcohol, who knows. Just my takeaway from the scene.

And this is obviously setting up G'Kar to be a rather tough fellow. It just seems that kicking metal spikes into your boss's throat is ill-advised.

All of that being said, I believe I skipped my normal disclaimer which is that I did like this episode. I've enjoyed (to varying degrees) all the episodes thus far which is a pleasant surprise. On my last rewatch I didn't really feel that the series got started until Season 2.
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