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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

Originally Posted by Wulf View Post

Londo's drunken scene was a little forced. He was acting drunk instead of making me believe he's drunk. Everybody's laughter was forced as well. Lots of overacting in these first few episodes.
You're a hard person to please Wulf! I actually quite like this episode mainly because of how fun it is.

Actually, for the drunk Londo scene, only Peter Jurasik and the director knew he was going to get up on the table - none of the other actors knew and it caught them by surprise. That's genuine laughter from Jerry and Claudia!

I think the scene at the end with all the people representing Earth's religions is probably aimed more at the viewer than the characters. I think JMS is just trying to make a point with it, a kind of visual representation of IDIC. And test Michael O'Hare's memory while he's at it he went all the way down the line and remembered everybody's name in one shot. There's a nice bit about it in the B5@20 anniversary book.

I wonder if Narn flesh is a bit more resilient than human flesh - otherwise you'd imagine it would hurt Na'Toth's foot, never mind G'Kar! But think about all the punishment meted out to G'Kar later on, such as the torture at the hands of Cartagia. Narn's are pretty tough.
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