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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

Sinclair's stunt at the end is dumb. How much did that cost to fly in and room all those people? And the represenation of their religion is to say their name and religion, and what clothes they wear? How uninformative is that? I bet the aliens all thought that our religion involves shaking hands with weirdos. How many of them got horribly sick after that disgusting orgy of hand-shaking? I don't want anybody's sloppy-seventy-seconds all over my hand....

Are only those few ambassadors invited to the Earth presentation? I got the impression that the other races had more of a "come one, come all" approach. Do all those religious leaders just stand there all day while people come and shake their hand? How offensive would it be to be the leader last in line? "And, 2773rd, but not least, here's Crazy Eddie. He believes that he became god after he stuck his tongue into an electrical outlet and the angels in the toaster told him that he cannot be killed."

G'Kar getting out of his hit made no sense. Either the contract was that one assassin's alone and he's able to take a bribe and make it disappear, or the guild has a stake in it and will kill them both to retain their reputation. There's no middle ground there.

And was it that assassin's first day? How pathetic was he? Weird things start happening, and you shoot the person doing the weird things. You don't wait to see how it plays out. And hey, maybe chain the Narn down while you torture him.

Those spikes on the paingiver? Those would hurt to have kicked into your throat. I think flesh would fail before metal. But what do I know?

I liked the fishie song. Not in any sort of "I would listen to this of my own free will" sense, but it's catchy.

...heh. The fishie song is catchy.

It seems odd that Lennier knows Delenn is Grey Council, or at least that he's greeting her by title. Maybe I was wrong about that being a secret (in general, and not just to B5).

I liked Catherine. Their whole exchange was bordering the line of "too cheesy", but it didn't go too far.

Londo's drunken scene was a little forced. He was acting drunk instead of making me believe he's drunk. Everybody's laughter was forced as well. Lots of overacting in these first few episodes.
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