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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

"What happened to the Dilgar?" is indeed a very good question. I see it was extensively discussed in this thread and there is no consensus. Too bad, that

My other major question has not been discussed in this specific thread. What else were the Vorlons shooting at when they took out Jha'dur?? As you can tell, I agree with the "The Vorlons don't miss!" school of thought. I've talked about this with a couple of people and one of my friends dug up some stuff from other forums (or maybe even here, I don't know ) that showed JMS agreed that Vorlons wouldn't miss, and that that meant they were indeed shooting at something else. So, what's up with that?

A solid episode. I like all the stuff with the League, and the background we get on their relationship with Earth, and Earth history. Also the Vorlons being all ... Vorlon-ey. I also really like the stuff with Talia, although I would have loved to have found out more about what exactly was going on there in a later episode. Alas.

Details and things:
  • There's several worker cast Minbari in the background in this episode. At least that's what they look like. It's interesting because they are never even spoken of until much later. There are definitely bits of dialog in later episode in which characters talk about the TWO castes of Minbari. I think there was some discussion elsewhere on whether there were originally only two castes planned, or if it meant that the warrior and religious castes just pretend the third caste doesn't exist. The fact that they're right there in the background leads me to believe it's the latter.
  • What exactly IS "the hour of Scampering" and how did Talia figure it out? I'm guessing the details all got "emailed" to her or something.
  • Everyone is so certain that that woman can't be Jha'Dur because the Dilgar war was 30 years ago and thus Jha'Dur should look older. Is everyone just intimately familiar with facts on Dilgar biology, like average lifespan and that sort of thing? Or is it just that all the younger races are pretty similar in terms of lifespan and aging, and thus one can make certain assumptions?
  • "I can't match her species type" "Try the xenobiogenic files" ... What were you trying before?
  • I like the look of that Dilgar uniform but I can't but wonder at what an amazing coincidence it is that there is an alien species out there who just so happen to have a uniform tradition full of elements that can also be found in European military uniform history. Remarkable
  • I love that bit where Jha'dur tells Sinclair that the Windswords talk about him and that he has a hole in his mind. I also really dig the warrior caste outfits, as I'm sure I've mentioned a few times.
  • Not so crazy about Jha'dur's evil laugh.
  • The Narn and the Centauri both collaborated with the Dilgar. Because of course they did.
  • This was mentioned in the very first comment in this thread, but what's the deal with the Ipsha(?)? When those Vree ships come out of the jumpgate along with that .. other ship, my response is still "wait, who are they?"
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