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Re: EpDis: And The Sky Full Of Stars

What a great episode! This is a fun one to watch with new people, although I haven't done that in a few years. There's a big reveal, which then only creates LOTS of new questions. How could anybody NOT be drawn in?

I love all the Battle of the Line stuff, how Sinclair hasn't been able to remember, and how clearly this worries people. I love how all the scheming going on back on Earth is becoming more obvious ... I love the ever-growing mystery surrounding the Minbari. WHY did they surrender? Delenn was there! What do they not want Sinclair to remember? Why?? I love everything about it.

Until I read the Lurker's Guide page for this episode along with this comment thread, it never occurred to me that Ivanova's behavior is suspicious in this episode. I mean, yes, it's weird that Delenn has to walk over to the security office to get Garibaldi to check on the Commander, if she already spoke to Ivanova who apparently didn't try to contact the commander, or didn't care that she couldn't reach him. But, I figured that was just done to make it more dramatic and to involve Delenn in the disappearance right from the start. That is to say, I thought there were plot reasons for it, not in-story reasons. I never even picked up on the fact that Ivanova seems to be casually strolling down the corridor while everyone else is frantically searching for Sinclair. I figured she has business to take care of and some of that is going to involve walking places. It wasn't (isn't) at all obvious to me that she is strolling in a casual manner.

Is that on purpose like the stuff with Takashima in "The Gathering", or just a coincidence? Was it meant to make us suspect Ivanova when the [SPOILERS for Season 2, although if anyone's still reading this thread at this point I'm guessing they don't care about spoilers ] "Control personality" plotline came up?

Random little (or not so little) things that stood out on this viewing:
  • There must be a reason there is no telepath involved in this plot to uncover Sinclair's "secrets". But, what IS that reason?
  • Those outfits the "Knights" wear... They are interesting. Why are they wearing identical outfits? Is this a uniform of some kind?
  • Basically, after all these years and multiple viewings, the Knights are still kind of a mystery to me.
  • Are there no cabinets in Sinclair's kitchen?
  • That Grey Council dude in Delenn's quarters at the end. Is he blind?
  • The shiny triangles on the foreheads of Grey Council members .. I like how they look, but we don't see those again in later episodes, do we?
  • What languages are the signs in Babylon 5 (below)? Also, while I kinda like the look of the font they used for the English, I don't know if it's the best choice for legibility, especially if they're randomly dropping letters left and right to make things fit on signs, as we see here ...

I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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