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Re: EpDis: The War Prayer

It's a fairly average episode ... There actually isn't anything I dislike in it. There isn't anything really truly fantastic in it, either ... I do like how there's all these story elements that are part of the bigger story and/or minor details that will be relevant later. I like all the Homeguard stuff, I think that would have been a good story even if it wasn't part of the main arc. Ivanova's terrible luck with relationship isn't exactly "main arc" but it's definitely important to the character.

Random little things:
  • That sweater Malcolm wears early on in the episode made me laugh out loud. That suit he wears for the formal event later is nice, though. It has a vaguely 19th century look to it with that collar thing although it's definitely 23rd century B5 universe style
  • I sort of want to be judgmental about Ivanova being a terrible judge of character. I mean, the dude is not just a casual bigot, he's actually planning multiple murders. As Garibaldi says, "a man can change a lot in 8 years", but ... sheesh. Malcolm says he and Ivanova spent entire days just talking. What did they talk about? Killing aliens because they "took our jobs" ?
  • Sinclair sums up the events from The Gathering for those of us who didn't see the pilot He can't be the only person wondering how the poison got into Kosh's system through that encounter suit.
  • Those aren't the same three wives Londo has later on. I mean, they are different actors, they are presumably the same characters. When we meet them, he seems like he's been married to all of them for quite a while.
  • Do only rich Centauri have arranged marriages? There must be some tradition of marrying for love, the concept doesn't seem alien to them.
  • I can see Aria's bald cap wrinkling up in the back of the neck when she turns her head. I think I had the same complaint about Lyndisty in "Sic Transit Vir". I think all the Centauri women who have actual lines are wearing bald caps, while at least some of the background Centauri women are actually bald. I guess if you normally wear your hair long, you're not going to want to cut it all off to appear in a single episode of a show. It takes a long time to grow back and they have jobs where their appearance is kind of important.. So, I get it. But, I don't much like the look of bald caps.
  • Sinclair plays a pretty good bigot
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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