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Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple

Spoilers for seasons 3 and 4 below.

It's amazingly easy to forget details and whole plotlines. I sort of feel like I know everything that happens on Babylon 5. At least, the stuff we actually see happening on the show and in the movies, I'm not nearly as up to speed on all the stuff that happens in the books and comics, or the things that "So-And-So said in an interview one time". Yet, I keep finding that I have forgotten lots of things when I post in these threads. There was another episode thread where I couldn't remember that Anna Sheridan was indeed a confirmed archaeologist, not an unspecified scientist on a vessel sent to distant planets for all kinds of research, including archaeology. It's totally canon, Sheridan talks about it in "Thirdspace", and it's something I'd think I would remember. Yet, I obviously didn't

Anyway, yes, there is a communications blackout when Mars breaks away from Earth, all communication from Mars is cut off, and I think maybe when Babylon 5 breaks away from Earth they're sort of cut off, too. I have forgotten that, too
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