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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

Some season 4 spoilers below.

You're correct about her first vote being the deciding one on whether or not to go to war with the Humans. As far as we can see, anyway. There might have been a more mundane vote that happened off-screen. But Delenn was definitely already on the council when Dukhat was killed.

In "Atonement" we can see flashback scenes to Delenn taking her place on the council. The trilumaniry glows when she holds up her hand and everyone is sort of surprised about this, except Dukhat. She's asking him about this after the ceremony. He's just about to tell her some important stuff when an alarm summons them to the Council chamber because unknown ships have been spotted. Dhukat's killed a little later. The way the scenes are cut makes it seem like it happened JUST after she joined the council, but still definitely after.
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