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Re: EpDis: Soul Hunter

>Delenn's violent outburst
Agreed, not in-character. I'm glad the "random character grabs a gun when angry" meme didn't stick. In the first two episodes, it's got a 100% appearance rate.

>magical death-sense
I agree with you that there's no non-magical explanation presented, but this is the entire fate thing on a smaller scale. For better or worse, things in the B5 universe are pre-destined. The amount of free will allowed is up for debate. Does (Later season Spoiler Guy) really have a choice when he makes the choice that dooms him, or was his defiance fated to be? *shrug*

It would imply that fate can be thwarted when they save Delenn in this episode as the Soul Hunter sensed a death that did not happen, but how much are we really supposed to understand about fate, as dictated by JMS?

I liked the Soul Hunter actor as well, even if I don't really like the soul hunter concept.

You just 'think' they were going to end up together? I thought that was a given. They get married (sortamaybe) in a few episodes, as I recall.

The concept was neat, but funerals would get expensive if they're ejecting metal coffins into the sun for every random hobo death.

>Delenn - Grey Council / Setai
Nepotism at its finest, I tell you. She's far too out of control to have come by the position legitimately. I guess that explains the war though.

And why does an Earth database have the secret word Setai in it? In tG (See? The Gathering, I'm so in touch with the scene!) she almost kills G'Kar for mentioning it. I don't think Earth would know much about it.

Other thoughts.

Sinclair grappling the Soul Hunter ship was needlessly dramatic. Having a pincer on a fixed arm is so useless you wonder why they'd make it standard issue on every fighter. Harpoon gun on a chain, sure, maybe. Articulating arm? A case could be made. But a claw that extends two feet and grips? You're not getting the teddy bear out of the machine with that thing, never mind grabbing a ship while attempting a 20 foot diameter orbit around it.

And why is B5 directly in the path of the jump gate, anyway? Surely this can't be the first time something has come through out of control. Put the station off to the side a smidge. And blowing it up seems silly. I mean, yes, you'd have less severe damage in one location but you're still being impacted by all the debris. Invest in a net or something.

"Sinclair, you've just killed the bad guy and saved Delenn, what are you going to do now?"
"Well, I think I'm going to leave her ankle in the machine that is sucking the blood directly from her artery while I gaze reassuringly at her."

Dear bad guy, grow a tougher skin. If you're going to stop what you're doing everytime some balls are bouncing in your face, you're not going to make it very far in life. Oh, I guess you didn't make it very far in life. Proceed.
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