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Re: EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

I'm fully aware that I may be over-analyzing things which is causing this "setup" feeling. One way or another, I should get over it in a few episodes.

I'm not quite sure I like tG 'better' than MotFL, but it's more memorable. I'm assuming there was a bigger budget, more airtime, more development, etc and it all shows. Things blow up, fisticuffs are engaged in, Vorlons threaten to blow up some crap....

Now, what happens in MotFL? It starts off with promise, two races on the brink of war... And then they have some meetings about it. And one guy gets kinda mad and almost shoots another guy, and then doesn't. I guess there's a neat, slow space battle with raiders, and then it turns out that they capture a guy and use him to make sure there's no war.

(Speaking semi-facetiously, of course)

I know what B5 will become and do care about these characters, but before you care about them, what does the episode really offer to a new viewer? Some neat potential, but does it really deliver much yet?

Where's my "What do you want?" Where are my high-intensity space battles? Where's my chunky nougat with a spoo filling?

So, that's what I mean when I talk about my "B5 setup feeling". I can appreciate the smaller scale stuff and know that it has to lead up to it all to have the same effect, but I'm waiting for the characters to become the ones that I know and start some real B5 =]
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