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Re: EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
Overall, this one was less memorable than the Gathering. I kept having to force myself to remember what happened in this episode because my thoughts kept drifting to the Gathering, despite having watched it two days ago and this one last night. Characters are still finding their place, and the exposition is getting crammed in hard and dry. I didn't dislike the episode, but I hope I reach that "Babylon 5" feeling soon instead of this "Babylon 5 setup" feeling.

Interesting, I like MoTFL (I too am "in touch with the scene"! ) a lot better than The Gathering. I like The Gathering for what it is, but with everything in there that got changed it feels more "setup-ey" than anything else. MoTFL feels solidly like Babylon 5 to me.

Speaking of DRM, do you think Duck Dodgers is in the public domain at this point in time? Or have copyright extensions ensured that even at that point in time you have to pay 100 credits per episode? I also noticed that I watched this episode of Babylon 5 on a larger TV in my bedroom than he watched Duck Dodgers in his main living area. Surely with all the video stuff they do, they'd have one large viewscreen for entertainment and communication.
I've commented elsewhere on those B5 details that now look dated, so apologies if I sound overly repetitive. The old school screens are the most obvious example, I think. To the 2015 viewer, many of the screens (specifically the home entertainment ones) look unusually small, and suspiciously like CRT screens. I find it extremely hard to come up with an in-universe explanation for the screens, so I mostly just pretend I don't see it

That's a good question about Duck Dodgers. There are several instances on Babylon 5 where I see people paying for things I would really hope no one would be paying for in the 23rd century. So I'm guessing Garibaldi had to pay for his entertainment, even if it's several centuries old. Maybe it's some kind of library collection

I guess Ivanova's conversation with Talia explained things well enough, but C.C. seemed a little too meek and vulnerable in this scene. Yes, it would be a topic that would soften your defenses, but I don't buy that she'd open up to Talia that quickly just for stopping a random murder. She's had a lifetime to build up her mental walls.
Maybe it's not so much "opening up" as explaining to Talia what her issue is with the Psi Corps? I actually really like that scene. So much so that I recently changed my FB "cover photo" to a still of it
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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