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Re: EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

Rewatched MotFL last night (I'm gonna use the acronym because it makes me seem much more in touch with 'the scene' and whatnot). Like sand through the hourglass, here are the random thoughts of my mind....

Londo seems far too uncontrolled at this point. I get that he's had almost no character development yet, but he's Centauri. He shouldn't be running through the halls with a gun, he should be slipping something in G'Kar's drink, or hiring somebody, or using one of the millions of other ways they have to assassinate somebody.

"Would you really have killed me, Mr. Garibaldi?" Of course he would have, if you drew a gun. You know this. Stop pandering to the viewers to make Garibaldi seem tough.

Talia seemed rattled to have the murder-thought intrude on her mind. How green is she that a little thing like an angry thought can put her that off balance? I'd expect a P5 to have much better composure. It's not like she's emotionally attached to any of these people yet.

I guess Ivanova's conversation with Talia explained things well enough, but C.C. seemed a little too meek and vulnerable in this scene. Yes, it would be a topic that would soften your defenses, but I don't buy that she'd open up to Talia that quickly just for stopping a random murder. She's had a lifetime to build up her mental walls.

Delenn looks different, compared to the Gathering. Amazing what a facial can do. G'Kar is much lighter too. I prefer the new versions. Delenn was less mysterious here. Instead of an enigmatic sage persona, she seemed like any other random member of the cast.

The military advance was called off far too easily. So you caught a Narn with some raiders? "We disavow all knowledge of this renegade merchant. And no, you can't have that planet back." Also, what kind of stupid deal did the raiders engage in? You get a manual with purchase, you don't get a free Narn for life. This guy is supposed to make sure it's never re-sold? His life from this point on is devoted to being some sort of living DRM, and getting blown up with the raiders whenever they bite off more than they can chew? Not a lot of room for career advancement.

Speaking of DRM, do you think Duck Dodgers is in the public domain at this point in time? Or have copyright extensions ensured that even at that point in time you have to pay 100 credits per episode? I also noticed that I watched this episode of Babylon 5 on a larger TV in my bedroom than he watched Duck Dodgers in his main living area. Surely with all the video stuff they do, they'd have one large viewscreen for entertainment and communication.

And Garibaldi's laugh... I had no idea Babylon 5 would still be using lead paint and that so many paint chips would be falling into Garibaldi's meal.

Overall, this one was less memorable than the Gathering. I kept having to force myself to remember what happened in this episode because my thoughts kept drifting to the Gathering, despite having watched it two days ago and this one last night. Characters are still finding their place, and the exposition is getting crammed in hard and dry. I didn't dislike the episode, but I hope I reach that "Babylon 5" feeling soon instead of this "Babylon 5 setup" feeling.
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