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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

>On the other hand, you'd think she would have done her research before accepting a job at a distant space station
If you accepted a job in New York, would you bother researching what happened to Old York? =]

With varying degrees of success, they started out trying to make B5 seem like a craphole in an unimportant (to daily human life) part of the galaxy. Londo was assigned there more or less as a joke. Delenn is the only one important there, and she's incognito for the sole purpose of monitoring Sinclair.

>and I really want there to be explanations for all the things I wonder about.
I'm the same. I hate when I can't come up with something in-universe, and the only possible answer ends up being "because it's a show and the writer was wrong."

>have some company
Good to hear. It'll be more interesting to sort of rewatch it with somebody else, since the damnable wife refuses to watch B5 with me. (Damn you, Sinclair, you and your questionable charm!)

I'll probably be watching roughly one episode per evening. Don't really have the time to binge-watch like I once did.
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