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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

There are some really good points here ... Especially the one about Lyta not knowing why there's a 5 in Babylon 5. I tend to think of Babylon 5 (and the Babylon Project) as this enormously important thing, because of course that's where the show is set, and that's the only perspective we ever get to see. There's probably a whole lot of people back on Earth who never go into space, and who don't remotely care about any colonies or space stations. On the other hand, you'd think she would have done her research before accepting a job at a distant space station

I also often feel like I'm being overly critical or nitpicky, but I do it because I love the show! I just sort of obsess over all the details, and I really want there to be explanations for all the things I wonder about.

I'm pleased to hear you're doing a re-watch. I also just started one, right on the heels of the previous one. That's because I only started posting here partway through season 2 last time and I want to participate in ALL the episode threads. So, you'll have some company!
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