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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Just rewatched The Gathering last night (Damn you all, now I'm committed to sacrificing 100+ hours or so of my life to B5... again)

On the topic of Kosh getting poisoned, he couldn't have left the suit. Unless I misheard they found the poison residue where it entered the suit, on the back of the right hand, as Lyta saw in her vision and that was how they knew which countering agent to create. (Do the suits have hands? I dunno, the whole thing's a mess.)

On Lyta saying how awesome she was for being a P5, I didn't take that to mean that it was top of the line, just that she was definitely separated from the riff-raff by that point. How many Ivanovas must they go through before they find a Lyta? She's out of the Little Leagues, but she's not quite shooting the three point touchdowns from behind the red line at the bottom of the ninth yet. (Or something. I don't sports.)

> "kicked out of the Psi Corps. Hah."
I don't remember the finer points of the Psi Corps exit strategies, but violating the rules has consequences. Unauthorized scans of a Vorlon that ended in punishment could result in her not exactly being an "active member" of the Corps any longer.

>G'kar's involvement
Yeah, it's definitely a bit darker than I'd expect from G'Kar. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt that he was just smuggling, but who's to say what the original vision was? Though he also seemed quite gung-ho at the trial to get Sinclair blamed and carted off. Leading to...

>Mollari atrocities
This seems a little odd as well, but I'm willing to accept that there are always atrocities to be committed from certain points of views. Maybe Grandpappy Mollari had a taste for Narn flesh, in any sense of the phrase. Seems odd that G'Kar would waste his hold over Londo to get his vote in this case, however. Surely there are more profitable political maneuverings that could have been done with a one-time guaranteed vote on the council.

>arenít Vorlons supposed to be highly telepathic?
Do we ever see them act telepathically inside of their suit, or is it just insinuated that they 'are' telepathic? Lyta said the suit was shielded against her, maybe it acts both ways. Listening to the constant mental whining of the baby races might get annoying.

> I was just so surprised that Delenn didnít seem to understand
Again, my interpretation, but I'm pretty sure that Delenn didn't care specifically about the answer to any question she asks, she's more interested in what the answer says about the person she asked.

Lyta not knowing about B5 is slightly less excusable, but you gotta cram in that exposition somehow. Maybe the Babylon stations just don't really matter at this point in time. You are (probably) aware that we have a space station in real life, but can you name all the modules on it? Would you know if one module kept failing?

If you would know, would your mother? Cousin? Sister? Now spread humanity out over the galaxy and see if every citizen would keep abreast of every multi-trillion dollar government project that just kept ending in failure.

>why did they send that whole fleet?
To be fair, the imminent death of a Vorlon would be of concern to a number of them, so there was probably no shortage of manpower willing to go. Also, all the firepower in the universe does you no good if nobody knows you have it. If a single, dinky little ship had shown up and demanded the captain it would have been laughed off until it started blowing things up. Everybody respects a fleet.

Aside from all that, I thought Takashima's lines all sounded fairly forced. She may have grown into the role as time went on but I wasn't feeling it yet. And what's with the coffee thing? You're going to risk getting court martialed for some coffee beans? Fine, you like coffee and you're a wacky little rebel, so get a planter and grow it in your room. There's absolutely nothing gained by taking space away from the food crops. And the speech about it having been a long time since you broke the rules, fine, that's foreshadowing, but you literally just told the guy that you broke the rules to give him the beverage he is currently sipping. (same scene, right?)

Sinclair seemed to have an 'emotion', which is something I don't remember from the last time I watched Season 1. Maybe he deserves a clean slate this rewatch. We'll see.

I get that he's semi-suicidal, but maybe bring more than 1 man to capture the bad guy. Just a thought.

Do we ever see those PPG-proof vests again?

Who the hell steals a breathing mask and then runs away? You steal the mask and then use your martial artsiness with the punching and the kicking and the killing. Stupid warrior caste. Also, that was the lamest ambush ever. He dragged Garibaldi all the way there just for that trick?

Why does B5 have electrified guard fences? The fence should keep you away from the electrified part, not kill you itself. Are there no unions on B5? This is a safety issue. How many maintenance workers brush against that daily and meet an untimely end?

I have some issues with the physics of the whole "station knocked off axis" thing. How much atmosphere would they have to vent to cause that much rotation / stress on the station? Sounds like it would have been a catastrophic amount and there should be safeguards in place to prevent it.

Aside from that, I'm overly critical because it's easier to talk about the negatives than the positives. I enjoyed it overall and will continue with my rewatch of the series.
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