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Re: EpDis: Born To The Purple

There are some minor spoilers for later B5 seasons in the list below, but not anything particularly important.

The story in this episode is fairly average, I thought, and there's rather a lot of cheese in this, but I really like what it shows us about Londo and Ivanova. I also quite like the Adira character.

Random details and other stuff that stood out to me during this viewing for one reason or another:
  • That scene where Sinclair and G'Kar go to the Dark Star to confront Londo. Sinclair is kind of ... school teacher-like with Londo. It's weird.
  • Is that outfit Adira is wearing when she dances supposed to show us that Centauri have no bellybuttons?
  • Unlike Estelyn above, I did find the video game sort of amusing.
  • That's a really nice jacket Trakis is wearing ......
  • I like the look of those star laces, too
  • Slavery is legal on Centauri Prime.
  • Fresh Air is the finest restaurant on Babylon 5.... Not that it has THAT much competition
  • The graphics on the screen when Garibaldi is tracking those Gold Channel transmissions are somewhat painfully old school. Can't be helped .. it was the nineties.
  • Speaking of Gold Channel ... I've always wondered, what's the deal with that? What exactly IS a priority channel? Is communication with Earth or other planets somewhat difficult? Why else would Ivanova go against regulations and use Gold Channel instead of whatever the regular channel is?
  • Sinclair takes Talia out for dinner to thank her for her service? If only someone had done that with Lyta later on Is Talia not wearing her psi corps badge when she's out to dinner? That's ... odd.
  • Londo has a lovely blanket or some other kind of decorative piece of textile on his couch. It appears to have human figures on it. Does he collect human antiques (unlikely), or does this perhaps show us an older style of Centauri fashion, when they didn't do their hair like they do now? (Or am I looking for meaning where there is none beyond "This looks nice and colorful, let's use it as a prop for Londo")
  • Ivanova's one earring is clearly shown even this early in Season 1.
  • I thought Sinclair's clever disguise was pretty amusing, and that fake laugh he did to trick the Dark Star owner was pretty cringeworthy. I like Londo's disguise cloak, although it screams "Centauri" and thus might not be much of a disguise
  • Ah, those bad guys. Classic B5 bad guys. I laughed out loud when I saw them appear on my screen.
  • Londo tells Adira that the jewel he gives her belonged to a powerful matriarch in his family. Is that just Londo talking or does it tell us something about Centauri history? What we see of Centauri society in the "present" is that it's very much a patriarchal society where men have power and multiple wives. Women have titles only through their fathers and husbands. We later see some Centauri women who are venerated because of their abilities and/or family associations, but I wouldn't go so far as to call them "powerful" as such.
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