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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Spoilers for later seasons of Babylon 5 below. SO many spoilers.

Hmm, no Iím pretty sure I watched the newer version of the pilot. I canít even remember the old version. I never owned it in any format, I think.

So, itís just that I TOTALLY didnít get what was happening in that scene. Yea, I heard Kosh say ďEnthil Zha ValenĒ, but I didnít get that that was WHY he was coming out of his suit.

Like you, I have all kinds of problems with that version of events.

The assassin was a Minbari. I donít know what the average, non-Grey Council Minbari would know about Vorlons so I canít really say that he SHOULD have known the Vorlon would be in an encounter suit, but I kinda feel like he should have He just got extraordinarily lucky that Kosh came out of his suit to greet ďValenĒ. And then he failed to be affected by the sight of a Vorlon.

Which is weird. The Vorlons were there when Sinclair went back in time to become Valen. They know that that hasnít happened yet. Did Kosh make a mistake? Is that why he doesnít reveal himself again to Sinclair after the assassination attempt? Still. The Vorlons MADE Valen. It doesnít seem like theyíd forget about that and be like ďOh hey, itís my old friend Valen!Ē, or the other possibility, be all reverent towards Valen.

Additionally, arenít Vorlons supposed to be highly telepathic? Wouldnít Kosh pick up on the murderous intent of the fake Sinclair? Wouldnít he instantly know that thatís not actually Sinclair? Is he really just looking at him with the Vorlon equivalent of eyes?

And then the fleet showing up .. It is, as you say, a bit of a mess.

Honestly, I canít remember the extent of Minbari involvement in the Babylon project. I would look it up but I donít have the best internet access just now. Iím typing this offline I was just so surprised that Delenn didnít seem to understand the reason for it, but now Iím thinking maybe I just misunderstood that conversation.

I do like seeing all the Vorlon ships on the screen, even if I donít understand why they would be there
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