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Re: EpDis: The Gathering

Sounds like you watched the original version with the Stewart Copeland music, rather than the special edition that JMS re-edited? The special edition answers the mystery of how Kosh came to be 'shaking hands' - um, spoilers I guess - he thought he recognised Sinclair as Valen and left his suit to greet him, only to be poisoned by the assassin. Though to be honest that still feels like a fudge - why reveal himself to Sinclair then when Kosh is so secretive otherwise and Sinclair doesn't know who he is at that stage anyway, and you'd have thought the assassin, armed with info about what the Vorlons look like, might have said something.

Also, the Vorlons want to extradite Sinclair and threaten the station, they clearly don't know he is Valen. Which of course, when the pilot was written, he was not intended to become. Adding the bit with Kosh recognising Valen just makes a bit of a mess of the story.

I think we're meant to take everything in the pilot as canon (ignoring any stylistic differences such as make up or props). Maybe the Grey Council made Delenn take those rings with her as a form of protection, but she was never happy about using them or never felt the need after the pilot. She only used them after G'Kar mentioned the Grey Council, so maybe she was worried her secret would be blown.

The Minbari only funded B5 didn't they, when Earth couldn't afford to build the station on its on after losing so much money on the first four?

I think the reason for the Vorlon super fleet was just Ron Thornton showing off. In the original script it was just, I think, four small Vorlon ships, but Ron Thornton thought that wasn't ambitious enough, so basically set out to feature more spacecraft on screen at one time than had ever been shown before, breaking Return of the Jedi's record and winning an Emmy in the process.

I think the scene with Lyta asking about the other four stations was just badly written exposition...

If you've not see the special edition, I recommend watching it and comparing it to the original. It restores Tamlyn Tomita's original performance (in the original version she had re-dubbed her lines as the studio felt she was too 'forceful'... wonder what they made of Ivanova then!!) and puts back in a few fun scenes in the Zocalo and customs with dust peddlers and aliens that want to eat their mates. But it also delves into George Lucas style-changes, like Kosh recognising Valen and changing the music score, neither of which were needed IMO. The best version of the pilot is probably a mix of the two versions.
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