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Re: Fate of Delenn and Valen

I don't remember issues 2 and 3 all that well, they got too silly, compared to the first. I'll have to dig mine out of storage and see what you're talking about. My favorite part in issue 1 was when they were learning the history of the MInbari war fleet which was fighting the Shadows in the middle of nowhere. "We had lost our base, we had lost our leaders, and we had lost hope. And in a flash, the universe returned to us all three." It was one of those powerful B5 moments for me.

I never heard a peep out of anyone about the huge Psi Corps machine on Mars in the Sinclair/Garibaldi story (issue #8). No insights, thoughts, rumors, nothing. For such a central piece of technology presumably involved with the Telepath War, no one seems to have any interest. It was one of our earliest glimpses into Psi Corps' hidden inner workings, and their covert relationship with the Shadows. That conflict was not laid out plainly for us anywhere, but there are so many clues as to where things were going, and went.

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