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Re: Fate of Delenn and Valen

Originally Posted by Raw Shark View Post
Any idea when he said that? The 'In Valen's Name' comic series (3 issues) went into Valen's story a fair amount (no, not really what anyone was hoping for), and what happened after he met the Minbari a thousand years ago. It's told simultaneously with a storyline where Sheridan and company find the abandoned Babylon 4, still largely intact, but in a decaying orbit in the middle of nowhere. Of course they have to board it and see what they can learn. The first issue was better than the last two, beautifully written. I think that was 1999, so perhaps JMS changed the history in favor of a new story he came up with, as he did many other times. And then everyone apparently gave up on B5 comics. Too bad, they were starting to get pretty good.
It was a JMS post from October 1999. Here's the link:

I also opened up my copy of Across Time and Space: The Chronologies of Babylon 5 (it's been sitting around in its plastic wrapper for years) but there is no mention of it in there – instead it gives a date of death for Delenn as sometime around 2362.

I found In Valen's Name a bit disappointing, to be honest, it never really grabbed me except for the last two pages – and then they go and drop an almighty typo like that!!

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