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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Needs Of Earth

I actually really liked this one! More so than any of the previous episodes I watched. It somehow felt more Babylon 5-ey to me, too. Itís a bit heavy-handed perhaps, near the end, when its message is carefully explained to us. Thereís some other minor details Iím not entirely crazy about, like Gideonís enthusiasm about breaking some laws to MAYBE possibly get some information. He couldnít have known at that point that that would be the morally right thing to do. Also Gideon being rather casual about slavery. And why is Dr. Chambers analyzing the data on those crystals? It makes sense for her to be looking for medical data on there, but once she figures out itís all culture, why is it still her job to ďanalyzeĒ it? Thatís not remotely in her job description, and curiously enough they have a person on the crew whose field of expertise DOES include alien culture. But, details. I can deal. I liked it a lot.

I really like the Matheson character, I wish we could have seen more of him. Itíd be nice to see more about the new, post-telepath-war ďrules for telepathsĒ and some more background on the character. I thought it was odd that he was describing his memories from Sunday school at the end. Does Psi Corps have that sort of thing? It seems more of a ďmundaneĒ thing to me (if I imagine it as a thing at all), but then, perhaps this was before he joined the Corps? I canít remember if we learned when his telepathic abilities first manifested.

Eilersonís greed and selfishness are as annoying as ever, but his voice and mannerisms are really starting to grow on me. Perhaps I could have learned to appreciate the character more if there had been more episodes.

I like this new background stuff on Dureena and the revelation that she was sold into slavery by her family.
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