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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Rules Of The Game

Just to play devil's advocate with your view of archaeology in the future... I think the difference is that, when compared to archaeology on Earth, other than when it involves some kind of treasure, is about informing and educating us about the past, so its importance is primarily academic rather than financial. When you're digging something up on an alien world, the technology might have been buried for a million years, but it might also be a million years more advanced than Earth technology, and all of a sudden takes on a different importance. Sure there will be academic archaeologists who are in it to learn about alien cultures rather than grave robbing, but the artefacts are technological artefacts that can give us new technology, and in a capitalist society that's inevitably going to draw the mega corporations to it. It's tasteless, for sure, but I can understand how archaeology has largely transformed itself that way in the Babylon 5 future.

As for Eilerson, eh, I liked him. It was fun to have a more amoral, slimy character on the cast rather than everyone be goody-two-shoes. His character felt the most real out of all the characters on Crusade.

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