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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Memory Of War

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
the change in uniforms suggests that The Well of Forever DID take place before this episode, so ... confusing.

I actually quite like those gray uniforms ...
The episodes with the grey uniforms were actually filmed first Racing the Night was meant to be the first episode, starting a few months into the quest. They filmed about five episodes I think with those uniforms, then TNT randomly decided they didn't like them and wanted the darker uniforms instead. So a new first episode was filmed, War Zone, with the black uniforms the new plan was for them to start with the black costumes, switch to grey for a few episodes, then the crew would decide they hated the grey uniforms and switch back to black, but the return of the black uniforms was never filmed. The Well of Forever was written after the first five, but the running order got changed with the uniforms.
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