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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Rules Of The Game

Wow, busy discussion thread

It was on OK episode ... I was pretty excited about seeing Babylon 5 again! That was unexpected and fun. Unexpected mainly because I JUST watched the episode that comes right before this one on the DVD, in which Gideon tells Lochley that he'll swing by Babylon 5 in five years.

Other than that ... ehhh. The Lorkan storyline might have been interesting in the long term. Who lived on that planet before and who is the Most Holy? It was nice to see (hear?) Tim Choate again! The Brakiri ambassador looked familiar to me, too ... But a quick trip to imdb has let me know that that's just because the same actor played a Brakiri ambassador on Babylon 5. I think the makeup is a bit different, though.

Not so crazy about the Eilerson storyline. I'm not really buying his backstory as a loner nerd. Or as a serious academic, for that matter. I didn't much like the ex wife either.
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