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Re: EpDis: Crusade: Patterns Of The Soul

It's an OK episode ... it felt a bit chaotic to me at times, and I'm still not a fan of the outdoors, on-planet scenes, but it's definitely not terrible.

I like the black projects stuff, shady stuff going on up high in Earth Force. Apparently not much has changed after Earth's civil war! I was also thinking how interesting it is that IPX is still the same clearly evil giant corporation after the end of the Shadow war and the Earth civil war, considering the stuff they were involved in.

This is the episode where Eilerson suddenly develops a conscience and deletes (part of) his report to his superiors at IPX headquarters. I still REALLY don't like him. He isn't some kind of failed academic who reluctantly works for the money-grubbing corporation, he is only interested in riches himself! Not sending the report is the decent thing to do, but it's really just the bare minimum. I'm hoping to see some change in his personality, although there aren't all that many episodes for that to happen in ...
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