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Re: JMS announced Babylon 5 film effort

The number one requirement for the movie is that it rekindle interest in B5. If it is successful at that, who knows what we might get in return? At the lowest level-the original episodes might be more widely available on Netflix or some other site. A little higher up-maybe a "special edition" of the original series. Or, dare we even dream-a brand new series? And, if it comes to that, I'm fine with a reboot--hey, if it's good enough for Shakespeare, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes...However, I do believe that you could tell the original story (more or less) BUT focus on what's going on outside the station, at Minbar, Earth, Mars, etc. and have a great companion series. Call it the War of Shadows or sumthin.

Thus, I reject your poll's binary choices.
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