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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Well Of Forever

Oh, I have SO MANY questions about techno mages right now ... But I suspect that at least some of them are going to be answered in future episodes, so I'll refrain from asking them for the time being.

My first thought upon seeing "Mr. Jones" was "Abel Horn???", but I'm assuming it's simply a case of "we liked this actor", not any intentional reference to a sinister Psi Corps (and/or Bureau 13) plot.

I'm really enjoying the telepath storylines in Crusade. What happens with human telepaths after the telepath war and the Psi Corps being dissolved is an interesting subject to explore. I also really like Matheson. So far, anyway.

Eilerson, on the other hand ... I don't love him I totally judge him for being greedy and wanting fame. And for working for IPX and doing for-profit archaeology. I know I said elsewhere that that's apparently just how it is in the B5 universe and a person's got to make a living, but yea ... totally judging. I'm assuming he's a crap archaeologist based on the fact that he's hunting down patents and trying to make money off of everything instead of doing actual archaeology. My assumption is reinforced in this episode, as it has Dureena, an actual thief, explaining burial practices to an archaeologist whose eyes only see monetary values. Is it opposites day?
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