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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Long Road

I'm sure I'll better understand what is going on in each individual episode once I've seen all of them

Originally Posted by Jan View Post

I'm not sure I get this part? Just because they've chosen a certain level of technology, why should that mean that they'd adopt the styles that were common for that period unless there were a particular reason for doing so? I know if I were choosing to set up a colony I wouldn't limit myself that way.
Sorry, I explained that poorly. I mean that from what we see of this society, and from the way they are described, I wouldn't expect them to have much of an industrial setup, and no way to factory produce clothes for the colonists/villagers. If they are hand-making their own clothes, you'd expect to see limited styles and fabrics. If they are, on the other hand, importing their clothes from elsewhere, you'd expect the clothes to resemble those we see in other 23rd century human populations.

Instead it's sort of a weird mix that makes me think someone in the costume department didn't really think too hard about what this community should look like, and I'm assuming that happened because there wasn't any money to think about that, let alone implement any ideas beyond "the clothes look old-timey".

I'm sure lots of people consider that a weird issue to get hung up on. I fully admit I get hung up on weird, minor details But, I'm sure that, since we are all people with varied real world interests, we all have our own little nitpicks and things we can't stand to watch in TV or movies while they may pass unnoticed by other viewers. This is definitely one of mine!
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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