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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Long Road

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
Wow, not much of a thread here ... But hey, at least I'm not the *first* person to post in it

This episode felt very Star Trek-ey to me. You know, crew members dressing in silly disguises (where did they get those anyway, they don't have a replicator ) to mingle with the locals who live in some quaint old-timey society with an overabundance of white people, all as background to explore some moral issue. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I thought the issues being explored here were rather interesting, although the execution might have been lacking a bit.
What's building up here is an us vs them between Earthforce and Gideon, I think.

I see Earth Force people still wearing regular Earth Force uniforms, so I take it that the Excalibur crew has a different set of uniforms for some reason or other that is not yet clear to me. Are they not inside Earth Force? Is this a private operation?
Regarding the uniforms, JMS said:

Further, those uniforms are specific to the mission of the
Excalibur, as uniforms vary within the real military. The regular
Earthforce uniforms are still very much in use in the Crusade universe.
And for the clothes:

... same with the clothes. I always liked the costumes on Babylon 5. I don't mean just the uniforms and outfits of the main characters, but also the stuff in the background. The 23rd century humans of the Babylon 5 universe all sort of dressed in a recognizable style. The group of people we meet in this Crusade episode are all over the place. And maybe that's intentional, but it sort of seems like a budget issue to me. They're supposed to be "practically medieval", but their outfits are made up of items and styles that cover several centuries worth of European and US fashion.
I'm not sure I get this part? Just because they've chosen a certain level of technology, why should that mean that they'd adopt the styles that were common for that period unless there were a particular reason for doing so? I know if I were choosing to set up a colony I wouldn't limit myself that way.

I loved this episode for the whimsy. I do like gold dragons!

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