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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

Originally Posted by Mororless View Post
You look elsewhere though and B5 does have situations in which characters who by general standards appear very moral still have in character falls.
I'm kind of curious to see which ones you're thinking of, specifically. Regardless, I think I would agree.

All the major characters are good people with some flaws (Ok, some of them take a while to get around to being essentially good people). I felt that most of their flaws were sort of predictable. I don't mean that in a "bad writing" way, rather the opposite. The flaws fit the characters.

For example, it makes perfect sense for Sheridan to illegally keep Morden in custody. We can all see how Garibaldi starts drinking again. But for Lennier to suddenly do a selfish thing (and one that would have backfired anyway, as he must have known), it's way more shocking. I just can not fit that into my concept of "Lennier" at all.

The character with the most comparable personality would probably be Delenn, although it's hard to say because they're the only major Minbari characters on the show, and the only major Religious Caste characters. Their lives are all about service. Finding Delenn's flaws is actually not that easy, either. Most of the Minbari would probably consider her going against tradition a major flaw, but to our late 20th and early 21st century human eyes, that doesn't look like much of a flaw. She MIGHT, in a moment of weakness, choose love over duty. She never actually does that on the show, but it's sort of hinted at. And that is indeed exactly what we expected Lennier's big "fall" to be about.
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