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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

Well, might as well jump on the "how Lennier's betrayal should have happened" train, too. I agree he should have been the only character aware of the betrayal. Maybe he should have had to run to an out-of-sight console to open the door, but instead just watches Sheridan on the monitor until someone else saves him or at least runs in forcing Lennier to press the button quickly as though he just brought up the correct screen. What if he then ends up lying to Delenn about what happened - how devastating would that be for a pious Minbari! So he leaves without telling anyone, with just a message to Delenn. No confession, other than telling her he now realizes he cares about her too much. He could admit he can no longer look up at her, bringing the "forever running into things" quote nicely full circle.
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