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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Been lurking on here for a while (and have been enjoying reliving the series with Lennier's Tears), but I had to jump in on LotR. Contrary to most opinions,it's my favorite B5 movie. Yeah, the weapons scene is embarrassing to watch, but even there I thought the underlying concept was cool, just should have been more discrete - like reaching out and touching the images of the ships/mines to target them or something. But, I think the biggest reason I enjoyed it was because, knowing jms always starts off slow and always has something up his sleeve, I watch it looking forward to what might have been coming. "I serve to live"? What's she got hanging over her head? Is she trying to hint she's got a Keeper? Then there's Captain David... could that be David Sheridan with a false last name to avoid getting special treatment? Try watching it with that in the back of your mind - I think it fits...
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