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Re: EpDis: A Call To Arms

I just watched this for the first time in years. Many years! I don't always make it to the movies during my Babylon 5 re-watches, and if I do, I don't necessarily watch all of them. I can't say how long it's been since I watched A Call to Arms, exactly, but it was almost like watching it with new eyes. I've also still not watched Crusade, but that's up next

As a movie, I like this alright. I certainly like it a lot better than The River of Souls, but not as much as In the Beginning.

Re: Sheridan's hair and/or beard ... Doesn't remotely bother me. A man can change his hair/facial hair ... And I think he looks good with that particular combination (unlike that weird, almost mullet he had going on in the weeks leading up to Z'Ha'Dum. )

Re: The music ... Yea, I can see why that's controversial. When I watched this movie before, it didn't bother me. But when I watched today, it kept throwing me off. I kept thinking I heard an old-school cellphone go off, or some alarm or something. To be fair, I often have issues where I can't tell if something is supposed to be in the movie or the soundtrack ... Although I don't think that even happened on Babylon 5.

The effects are pretty good on this, I thought. There's a few less than perfect scenes ... The outdoor scenes for one. They're just a bit better than the Star Trek foam rocks we were just discussing in some other thread (I'd link but I don't recall which thread). There's a bit somewhere, where Sheridan taps a console, and it sort of moves, like the plastic that it is. But, the space stuff looks nice! And hey, new ships.

For the story, I think my main (minor, so minor) issue is with how everyone reacts when Sheridan first gets that message. Especially Garibaldi, who is SO paranoid and suspicious of everything. That same trick was used on him, and yet he just lets it go when Sheridan mysteriously stares at a blank screen for 20 minutes?

Also, a question about another minor detail: Two guys on the Excalibur bridge are wearing glasses. What's the deal with that? Enhanced console vision?

That's it for now ... I'm sure I'll be back when I think of other stuff ....
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