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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

I'm sort of surprised to see Boxie upthread say that the Sheridan/Lennier scene is what made the episode for them. I like to pretend it never happened We've been discussing it so much in the other threads, I have very little left to say about it, other than once again: It doesn't fit with the character. Not even if you consider Delenn's "explanation" about how there are moments when we are not ourselves. Another interesting thing we haven't yet discussed is how Delenn mentions that in Lennier's diary, he talked about how he think that Delenn's relationship with Sheridan is a mistake. This is .. odd. I get that he is jealous, but surely he can see that they are well suited to one another?

That bit sort of overshadows the whole episode for me, although it is really quite nice, otherwise.... More endings.... And some scary Keeper foreshadowing. It's good stuff.

I love that Ta'Lon is the new Narn ambassador, and Dr. Hobbes the new Chief of Staff of medlab. They are both characters I really like. However, what is the deal on this show with people picking their own replacements? I commented on this when Dr. Franklin was offered Dr. Kyle's old job at Earth Dome in "The Ragged Edge". Here we see Dr. Franklin not only picking his own replacement, but offering her the job on the day he is leaving. It's more than a little bit weird.

I love all the goodbyes. It's all very sad.
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