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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Centauri Prime

Well I'm really glad my DVD is apparently only broken on the first episode on this disk, so I was able to watch this without major issues. This is a REALLY great episode. I tend to feel a bit "meh" about season 5 (only in comparison with the great stuff in seasons 3 and 4), but then I watch it and I'm reminded again that there is some excellent stuff in there, too.

There's so much horrible stuff happening, it's just sad all over. You can't but feel bad for Londo, for the regent, for Centauri Prime, for the Alliance, ...

I don't find that scene where G'Kar forgives Londo cheesy,and I sometimes think I have a hair trigger reaction to "cheesy". I find it quite moving. Maybe if I saw it by itself, without context ... But knowing all the back story on the Londo - G'Kar relationship, it's a very important scene.

I guess that goes for the whole episode. It builds on EVERYTHING that comes before, which is what makes Babylon 5 so excellent.

I'm just saying stuff that everyone's already said, so I'll leave it there... except a comment about how Dr. Franklin's little speech about Soviet Union weapons sounds a little weird now, to 2015 ears.
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