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Re: EpDis: A Tragedy Of Telepaths

Originally Posted by Lennier's Tears View Post
Re: Telepath storyline. I think it's true that that would have been very different if we had been more involved with the characters. Byron shows up and is immediately unlikable (wel, I thought so anyway ), and the other telepaths really don't have personalities at all. The whole Psi Corps / telepath thing is very interesting and I agree the story could have gone all kinds of ways at the end of season 4..
The obvious change of course would have been to have all or part of the telepath civil war in season 5 although I don't automatically think that would be needed to have Bester involved.

As you say Byron isn't really given enough time for much of a "turn", if say Garabali had only been introduced as a supporting character in a few episodes beforehand would his turn on Sheridan under Besters influence have been as successful? Personally I would have introduced him much earlier and have him develop towards what we saw in the end if that was still the intension shifting the telepath story a bit latter and having him more involved in the episodes beforehand.

If CC hadn't left and you were talking Ivanova having a romance with him I think that would make it easier to sell as well, him starting off as more of a telepath on the run.

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