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Re: EpDis: A Tragedy Of Telepaths

Well, he's read someone. He certainly seems to think he's on a nonviolent path, at least.

And I happen to be in the not-hating-Byron-quite-so-much category, personally. He didn't annoy me like he drives some fans absolutely nuts. I truly felt for him and his plight. Considering what happens to telepaths, I can honestly say that a bit of that attitude is understandable. They are essentially more advanced than humans, they were forcibly engineered and then cast aside, and yet they are supposed to serve willingly without any sense of self.

In short it'd suck. And having a culture benefit from your talents while simultaneously condemning you for it, well it certainly does seem a bit like Shakespeare's Shylock. Unlikable, but yet impossible to disagree with, at least on the fundamental point he's making.
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