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Re: EpDis: The Corps Is Mother, The Corps Is Father

Haha No, I wasn't imagining them shoved into a room somewhere. I figured they'd have telepath jobs, just ... not any of the more desirable or interesting ones, whatever those may be.

I wasn't imagining telepaths in "regular" jobs ... Possibly because we never see it on the show. Also because many mundanes really dislike telepaths. As discussed earlier in this thread, Harriman Gray had to give up his EarthForce career when his telepathic abilities manifested fairly late in life, because EartForce doesn't allow telepaths to join. If EarthForce can refuse a whole class of people, presumably there aren't any anti-discrimination laws that prevent other organizations or companies from doing so.

I always assumed that an extra burden of being a human telepath in the B5 universe was that you had to give up any personal interests or ambitions and be resigned to a life of telepath work. But I could very easily be wrong! Who maintains and designs the Psi Corps facilities? Do they have their own engineers and janitorial staff, or do they contract with mundanes? Do they have telepath medical doctors and biologists researching telepathy? That sort of seems like something they wouldn't leave up to mundanes. On the other hand, there's probably not enough of them to make up a whole "telepath university".

Do we know what the approximate population of Earth (and its colonies) is at the time of the show? And the percentage of telepaths?
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