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Re: EpDis: A Tragedy Of Telepaths

Re: Na'Toth forgotten in a Centauri cell: I think it's a perfectly fine plot, it certainly seems like something that would happen on Centauri Prime, especially within the Royal Palace. It just seemed kind of funny how Londo is going on and on about tradition, and he and G'Kar are off having this conversation while Na'Toth is just sitting there. It's also totally in character. Londo is always speechifying everything he says!

Re: Ivanova in the telepath storyline. Tough to sell well ... Well, yea, maybe. Something to do with how many of us feel about Byron, perhaps It would have been uncomfortable to watch, for sure. But I also think it could have been great.

Re: Telepath storyline. I think it's true that that would have been very different if we had been more involved with the characters. Byron shows up and is immediately unlikable (wel, I thought so anyway ), and the other telepaths really don't have personalities at all. The whole Psi Corps / telepath thing is very interesting and I agree the story could have gone all kinds of ways at the end of season 4.

Re: Foolish ambassadors: I agree that the main point is clearly what happens AFTER the big victory, and how it's not going to be all happily ever after. And yes, foolish ambassadors are a convenient way to add some extra drama to the building conflict, but it gets a bit silly.
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