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Re: EpDis: Darkness Ascending

I tried to put in a spoiler tag, but it didn't work. Spoilers for To Dream in the City of Sorrows are in italics in the second paragraph, if you want to avoid them.

I forgot to comment on something else: I had completely forgotten* that in this episode, Garibaldi mentions that Catherine Sakai disappeared. I just read To Dream in the City of Sorrows, so it fits with that (except for the timeline). I guess the book predates this episode, so was this script written to fit with that? I'll have to take my comments on the book to the proper thread, but I can say here that I feel sort of ambivalent about that storyline.

Spoilers for To Dream in the City of Sorrows in this paragraph: [spoiler]On the one hand it seems a bit too convenient for Sakai and Sinclair to both end up in the same place, on the other hand, I'm sort of pleased for them that they have a (potential) happy ending. I always felt kinda sad about their time travelling separation.[/spoiler]

A completely unrelated thing I noticed for the first time in this episode*, when Londo and Vir are talking at a little cafe table in the Zocalo, there's some shop merchandise on display behind them. There's a rack of seriously hideous late 20th century sweaters. I'm pretty sure I've never seen any B5 humans wear anything like that at any point during the show. When Londo and Vir are leaving, in the background there's a male Centauri checking out the sweaters, and showing them to a female Centauri. It amused me greatly.

* I haven't watched the fifth season nearly as often as earlier seasons, and so I'm less familiar with these episodes. There's several reasons: I don't always make it to the very end when I'm doing a re-watch, and also, the earlier seasons have just been around longer. I was bingewatching VHS tapes before the fifth season even existed.
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