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Re: EpDis: Meditations On The Abyss

Seeing Delenn lie to Sheridan makes me kind of uncomfortable. That whole thing is sort of weird .. Even though it's perfectly plausible that Sheridan is indeed too concerned about the wellbeing of people close to him since Marcus' death. But, it seems to me that she could have convinced him of the necessity of this mission, rather than going through all this trouble of organizing secret meetings and lying. It seems like a bit of an awkward setup to further the "bitter Lennier" plot.

I can sort of see what Jan mentioned in the other thread, about how Delenn is not keeping her distance from Lennier, even though she knows he is romantically interested in her, and is pretty bitter about it. It's understandable because they have become so close and she presumably misses the friendship they once had, but yea .. not helping. Now that I'm looking for it, I can see how there might be some hope in Lennier's expression when he asks Delenn why she wanted to see him, and then disappointment when she's all business.

There's a list item in the "Analysis" section of the Lurker's Guide main page that reads like this:
Lennier cautioned Findell about joining the Anla'shok for the wrong reasons -- but it's arguable that that's exactly what Lennier himself has done, since one of his goals is to impress Delenn (he said as much in "The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari.") That may hold the key to his eventual betrayal of the Rangers as predicted by Morden ("Day of the Dead.") If faced with a choice of serving Delenn directly or serving the Anla'shok, he might well choose the former, especially if the choice involved a significant threat to Delenn. Such an eventuality appears to be foreshadowed here in the conversation between Delenn and Lennier.
That sort of echoes what we've been discussing in the other thread. Not to repeat the obvious too many times, but clearly we're not the only ones who saw that as the most plausible scenario.

As for the other stuff in this episode: That "Easter Egg Hunt" seems quite dangerous. Do we have any numbers on how many Ranger trainees actually die during training? It seems like that would happen ...

The Centauri plot isn't really moving forward in this episode, other than that we find out the Drazi somehow know or suspect the Centauri are behind the attacks. The angry Vir stuff is sort of amusing, but mostly because of Londo's reaction.

Side note about the Drazi: Londo refers to the Drazi ambassador's wife with she/her. So there are male and female Drazi. Do they all look alike, or do we only ever see male Drazi?
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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